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Besides structural applications, building exteriors and street furniture, there are many other architecture, building and construction applications for which stainless steel can be used. These can be found in this section of the website.

Stainless Steel New Applications - Other Building Applications

The following examples from the ISSF Books of New Applications show some of the possible applications with stainless steel for other building applications (clicking on the application will open a pdf with more information):

Published: 22/6/2018
Last modified: 22/6/2018

Stainless Steel in Architectural Applications

The purpose of the brochure, Stainless Steel in Architectural Applications, is to present a few examples which illustrate this trend, and which hopefully will inspire further creativity from the hugely talented field of architecture and design, combining the environmentally friendly nature of a surface which is not only long lasting, but easy to clean, with the prospect of new shapes, sizes and surface finishes. No matter how diverse they may be in terms of scope, purpose and product use, they have one thing in common: they combine an aesthetically pleasing appearance with an extended useful service life.

Download brochure here

Published: 12/12/2016
Last modified: 12/12/2016

Solar Energy for a Housing Estate

In an eco-housing complex in Valdepiélago, around 45 km northeast of Madrid, solar collectors integrated into the roof play a key role in energy supply. In contrast to conventional solar modules, however, the absorber panels here are not made of lightweight or nonferrous cuprous metal, but of stainless steel sheet.

More details are available in English and German [clicking on the language will open the pdf]

Published: 2/9/2016
Last modified: 2/9/2016

Stainless Steel in Infrastructure

 The efficient operation of public infrastructure has a strong effect on the quality of our daily lives: reliable access to energy and drinking water; the ease of travelling by road, rail, air or water; the safe disposal of waste and sewage; all determine how we live and work. In these sectors, stainless steel plays an important but often unnoticed role.
Material selection is a decisive factor for the durability of infrastructural buildings and installations. It is the key to maximum availability and low life-cycle cost. The present brochure illustrates examples of stainless steel use in infrastructural applications in different parts of the world. It will foster the exchange of best practice and encourage authorities, private investors and design engineers to consider the stainless steel option whenever they embark upon infrastructural projects.

The brochure is available in English and Chinese [clicking on the language will open the brochure]

Published: 5/7/2016
Last modified: 5/7/2016

Stainless Steel for Designers

It can sometimes be difficult to find a ready reference for the key properties of stainless steel. The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has published a new brochure which lists a comprehensive range of authoritative publications on this topic.

The corrosion resistant properties of stainless steels are well known to engineers and designers, as well as the general public. But other important properties may be less known, and stainless steel is frequently a good solution for reasons other than corrosion resistance.

ISSF has developed this brochure to provide a handy reference source to help engineers and designers to decide whether to use stainless steel, and, if so, which grade to use. The brochure has chapters dealing with a wide range of relevant topics, from abrasion resistance to fire resistance and further on to mechanical and physical properties. The publications to which it refers can be downloaded from links provided in the brochure.

The brochure is available here.

Published: 1/4/2016
Last modified: 1/4/2016

Cleaning Architectural Stainless Steel

Stainless Steels are inherently corrosion resistant materials that do not need additional surface protection to enhance their appearance and durability. Some routine maintenance and cleaning is needed to keep stainless steel surfaces in good condition so that the aesthetic appearance and corrosion resistance are not compromised.

This brochure is available in English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish [clicking on the language will download a pdf]

Published: 14/12/2015
Last modified: 14/12/2015

When New Meets Old

Stainless Steel in Renovation and Renewal

The challenge of preserving the old while creating the new is giving rise to some exciting new architectural achievements. Firmly embedded within this balance between innovation and tradition is stainless steel - in structural applications such as cables or profiles, where its strength allows open, wide-span constructions, and as cladding covering surfaces on the inside and outside of buildings. The collection of examples shown in this Euro Inox brochure takes a broad view of the theme New Meets Old. It includes historic buildings where careful intervention has rescued them from decline and preserved them for future generations. But the spectrum of bold, innovative solutions with stainless steel also encompasses more modern buildings from the second half of the last century which are increasingly falling short of modern requirements.

This brochure is available in English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish. [clicking on the language will open the pdf]

Published: 1/12/2015
Last modified: 1/12/2015

Stainless Steel for Roofing

Two brochures from Euro Inox with more information are available on this subject. 

The first one is a description of European reference buildings for architects and buildings masters. Are includes: museums and galleries, education and research establishments, churches, residential buildings, sports facilities, events and catering facilities, administration and commercial buildings, industrial structures.
The brochure is available in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish [clicking on the language will open a pdf]

The second one is a technical guide to stainless steel roofing. It is available in English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Swedish [clicking on the language will open a pdf]

Published: 24/11/2015
Last modified: 24/11/2015

Built to Last - Stainless Steel as an Architectural Material

Only a couple of years after the invention of stainless steels, architects started discovering its potential for building and construction - in both visible and non-visible applications. The present publication shows just a few of the recent examples. However diverse they may be in terms of scope, purpose and product used, they have one thing in common: they are part of an architecture that is made to last.

This brochure is available in English and Chinese.

Published: 12/6/2015
Last modified: 12/6/2015

Long Products in Renewable Energy and Energy Saving Applications

Mitigating climate change is one of the major challenges today. The development of new energy sources and energy savings calls for a wide range of technologies, in which stainless steels prove useful. ISSF has launched a new animation, which explains where stainless steel is and can be used.

Available as a flash animation or a pdf

Published: 2/5/2013
Last modified: 2/5/2013

Stainless Steel in Tunnels

Stainless steel is finding increasing use in tunnels for its fire and corrosion resistance properties and long maintenance-free life. ISSF has launched an animation and brochure in the Sustainable Stainless series which provides detailed case studies to demonstrate why stainless steel is becoming the material of choice in road, rail, metro and long sub-sea tunnels.

View the animation here

The brochure is available in Chinese, English, JapaneseKorean and Spanish [clicking on the language will open the pdf]

Published: 5/7/2012
Last modified: 5/7/2012

Stainless Steel Reinforcing Bar

Unlike conventional steel rebar, stainless steel rebar does not corrode and is an ideal solution for harsh environments.

ISSF has several publications on reinforcing bar.

  • A website to raise awareness of the life cycle cost advantages of stainless steel reinforcement bar, compiled by an international group of experts. It provides answers to frequently asked technical questions. Numerous references show how public and private investors have made use of stainless steel reinforcement to enhance the durability of their concrete structures: stainlesssteelrebar.org
  • A flash presentation describing the advantages of using stainless steel rebar. See the animation.
  • A leaflet which answers some basic questions on stainless steel rebar:Why stainless steel reinforcing bar? What are the benefits? Is it cost-effective? Download the leaflet - available in English, Italian and Spanish.
  • Posters that give an overview of the why, when, where and how of stainless steel reinforcing bar. Download the posters - click here to open the pdf

Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Stainless Steel in Solar Energy Use

This brochure details current best practice and stainless steel solutions to harness the energy of the sun. It provides designers with information about current stainless steel options for solar energy capture and an overview of the technical properties of stainless steel.

Download the brochure here

Two case studies on stainless steel in Solar Energy Use are also available:

The stainless steel solar facade of a highway maintenance building at Bursins, Switzerland

This brochure introduces a highway maintenance building was developed as a replacement for an existing maintenance building on the same site. The client, État de Vaud, organised an architectural competition for the design of the new building. For the first time in western Switzerland, clear sustainability demands were outlined in an architectural competition. The client demanded that the ecological, energy and economic aspects of sustainability should be considered in the design of the building. Download here

Stainless Steel Tilted Solar Roof: German Nautical Museum Stralsund

In this case study we want to show how a stainless steel-based solution was used in a photovoltaic application. Thin stainless steel foil serves as a substrate for the photovoltaic cells. Download here

Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Building Interiors - The Ferritic Solution -

Today, stainless steel is well-known for its presence in building envelopes. These often use austenitic grades. For interior uses, however, an austenitic grade often seems a rather luxurious solution. Less expensive, more stable in price but possessing fine properties, ferritic grades are the perfect alternative for indoor use.

Download this brochure

Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Stainless Steel and Solar Energy in Building Applications

In view of the increasing application of solar systems worldwide, the aim of this report is to give an overview of the state of the art regarding solar systems and possibilities for the application of stainless steel in this context.

Download this brochure

Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Cooling with Heat – A Case Study about Solar Cooling

Stainless steel plays a key role in a new generation of adsorption chillers, the heart of environmentally friendly cooling equipment. A significant percentage of the energy consumed in our industrialised societies is used to keep rooms within a specific temperature range. Cooling accounts for much larger a percentage of global energy consumption than heating. Much of the energy used for cooling is consumed by air conditioning of homes and offices in summer and in hot climates; and by the many commercial and industrial processes – such as food handling – that depend on a controlled level of temperature. Conventional cooling systems utilise a compressor, which is usually electrically driven and hence energy-intensive to operate.

Download this brochure

Published: 11/5/2012
Last modified: 11/5/2012

Online Stainless Steel in Construction Information Centre

The Online Information Centre for Stainless Steel in Construction which contains over 100 resources about the design, specification, fabrication and installation of stainless steel in construction. The Information Centre provides access to a wide range of up-to-date information for architects, engineers, fabricators, installers and academics, including technical guidance, design software, design data, case studies and research papers.

Source: Steel Construction Institute

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